11 Reasons Girls Post Selfies (2)

5. OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)- They wanted to document their super-cute outfit of the day!
4. They Were Bored- They were bored and decided to have a photo-shoot, and one actually came out decent.

3. To Get Attention- Girls that feel insecure (also the girls who post a selfie everyday) or just need plain old attention. They post pictures to get a lot of likes and comments to feel special. Constant duck faces and serious faces are all for wanting attention.

2. Creativity/Silliness- They took a creative or silly selfie that just looks cool and needed to share with their friends and followers. Also to show off their silly side!

1. They Felt Good About Themselves- She felt good about herself that day and just really wanted to show off for once! Or an all natural selfie is always refreshing too!

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