11 Struggles of Waiting to Turn 21 As Told By Khloe Kardashian

11 Struggles of Waiting to Turn 21 As Told By Khloe Kardashian
Time moves so slowly when you're waiting to turn 21, especially when everyone else already is. Check out these daily struggles as told by Khloe Kardashian.

There is no greater struggle than the one you experience when you’re waiting to turn to 21. There is absolutely nothing exciting about being 20 except for the fact that you’re no longer a teenager. You’re left in a weird limbo of no longer being a kid but not old enough to legally drink. Waiting an entire year for your next birthday seems to move at a snail’s pace, especially when everyone else seems like they’re already of age.

While all your other friends are hitting up the bar and legally purchasing drinks, you sadly can’t joining them. Or you join the party and hope the bouncer doesn’t check ID or that you can pass as one of your friends who is only slightly taller than you but luckily has the same bone structure. You’re stuck in an awkward period while you anxiously count the days when you can finally purchase a drink legally and enjoy yourself without having to worry about being underaged. Pretty sure that Khloe Kardashian never experienced this struggle but she can definitely relate.

Here are 11 struggles most of us deal with when we’re 20 as described by the oh-so-sassy Khloe:

11) When you find someone else who isn’t 21 either and you can relate to each other:

10) When your friends ask if you want to meet them at the bar:

9) What your friends probably say about you during this time:

8) What your friends say to you when you whine about still being 20 years old:

7) When they actually let you into a bar without checking your ID:


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