11 Ways To Have The Best Recruitment Possible: Appstate Edition

Recruitment is here and if you’re like I was as a potential new member (or PMN), you’re probably incredibly excited and nervous. The most important thing I can tell you is that it will all be ok, and that you’re about to start an amazing journey that will last the rest of your college career and beyond.

As a senior who’s about to embark on her last recruitment journey, here’s my 11 hints for making the most of it and having the best recruitment possible:

11. Plan out your outfits ahead of time

Speaking from experience, there’s nothing worse than choosing an outfit 10 minutes before a round begins. You’ll have plenty of other things on your mind, so be sure to have every item selected and laid out PRIOR to recruitment. This includes shoes and jewelry! I even went so far as to plan how I was going to do my hair/makeup for every round so I wouldn’t be late because of my indecisiveness.

10. Take a look around

A great thing about the way Appalachian does recruitment is that it’s more than a month into school, so you have a great opportunity that other schools PNMs won’t have. Take a look around your classes, at parties, at football games, etc and see how each groups women act. Are they more interested in talking to boys or each other? Do they drink way past excess or can they have a good time without getting plastered? Do they take pride in their letters? You can learn a lot just by watching, but remember, these woman have strict instructions NOT to talk about recruitment with PNM’s outside of rounds. If you do choose to strike up a conversation, keep it simple and unrelated to greek life.

9. Talk to your Rho Gamma

Your Rho Gamma may not be your best friend, but she’s there to help you navigate recruitment and make sure you find exactly where you belong. If you have a question about something you’ve seen or hear, don’t turn to your friends or anonymous internet sites.  Your Rho has been trained on what to say and do to help you as much as she can.


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