11 Ways To Have The Best Recruitment Possible: Appstate Edition (2)

8. Do your research

I’m not saying you need to know every bit of information on all ten sororities, but it can be helpful to know what philanthropies groups support or what events they’ve hosted in the past. Organizations are looking for woman who care about their group as much as they do.

7. Be committed

In the same vein as #7, be prepared to show off how much YOU will bring to a chapter. Were you head of a club in high school? Organized every chorus bake sale? Maybe led a mission trip? Talk about it! Oranizations are looking for woman who will step up and take leadership, attend events, and make them the best group they can be. Any PNM who shows she would be crucial to this is automatically going to make a good impression.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

All though it may feel like they have all the power, recruitment is about finding where YOU belong. To do that it’s important to know how you’ll fit into a group. Into service? Ask about their most recent philanthropy events? Can’t wait to have a home away from home? Inquire about her favorite sisterhoods. When she answers, keep a close eye on her body language as well, you will be able to tell if she’s just responding from memory, or if she really has a passion for these events.


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