12 Lessons I Learned From Junior Year

As a rising senior, I’ve never been more excited that a school year has ended. Looking back on the last two semesters seems to be almost like a roller coaster, it had its ups and downs. This year I was able to learn more about myself and who I want to become in the near future. I was able to take away a lot this year. Whether it was from a professor, myself, friends, teammates, coaches, or my parents I learned more about life and the direction I want to take when I graduate in a year or so.

12. It does your bank account dirty- You end up spending all the money in your junior year, it’s basically the most expensive year next to freshman year. You’re finally able to buy alcohol, you have to pitch money for DD’s, cabs and it all starts to add up.

11. 21 is fun- Most every junior usually turns 21 within their junior year. Going out becomes a ritual, especially because you don’t have to use your friends Connecticut fake ID who is way taller than you and you can buy all the alcohol for once.
10. Hell exists in the library- Do I really have to elaborate? It’s where you spend your late nights, study sessions, etc. you dread going there because you spend half of your time there anyways.

9. You find out who your real friends are- It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been friends with someone to consider them your “best friend.” You don’t have to know somebody for 10 years to label them your best friend. The friendships you make during your four years of college might be some of the strongest ones yet.111

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