12 Signs That You Are An Ultimate Thot (3)

4) Your whole Snapchat best friend list is guys455750-best-friends-snapchat3) You have dozens of phone numbers saved in your phone of guys’ names that you don’t remember addingHarry-potter-who-are-you2) You do full makeup to do your laundry in hopes that the guy from the lacrosse team that you matched on Tinder is in the laundry roomYou-Considered-Getting-Naughty-Laundry-Room1) You wear Stilettos and hoop earrings to an 8am classanigif_enhanced-buzz-17186-1367466824-14

Basically, if you’re a girl and do just about anything involving a guy, tight clothing, or socializing with the male gender, someone somewhere will consider you a thot. So in that case, do your thing girl.

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