What Is A Thot? Definition Of A Thot Revealed!

What Is A Thot?

We all know those people who just stick out in our heads as being thots. If you don’t know what a thot is, it stands for “that hoe over there.” We all know at least one, and if you don’t, you probably are one. So what is a thot? Let’s define a thot! As Wash and French Montana would say, “A thot is a girl who look for bottles as soon as she come in the club” in the song Can’t Trust Thots. But let’s face it, who doesn’t look for alcohol the second they walk into the bar or club? I mean, if that’s what a thot does, I guess I am one! Now we know what a thot really is!

12) You hook up with every bouncer in the bar throughout the semester (The  Definition  of  a thot)delena-makeout-gif11) You’re known as the girl who makes a walk of shame from a new guy’s dorm every Sunday morning  (What is  a thot?)good-morning-slut-gif10) You will dance on just about anything you can when you’re drunk (What is a thot?)

1333040819_bathroom_dancing_fail9) You get with 3 guys from Tinder in one night  (What  is  a thot?)tinder 48) You wear a sports bra and spandex to other places besides the gym  (What  is  a thot?)tumblr_n58g4ezVbF1sng5igo1_500

You drop something in front of a guy so they can stare at your ass  (What  is  a thot?)kelly-bundy-bending-over6) You edit your butt and boobs in every Instagram picture

5) You upload more than three selfies a week, every week

4) Your whole Snapchat best friend list is guys455750-best-friends-snapchat3) You have dozens of phone numbers saved in your phone of guys’ names that you don’t remember addingHarry-potter-who-are-you2) You do full makeup to do your laundry in hopes that the guy from the lacrosse team that you matched on Tinder is in the laundry roomYou-Considered-Getting-Naughty-Laundry-Room1) You wear Stilettos and hoop earrings to an 8am classanigif_enhanced-buzz-17186-1367466824-14

Basically, if you’re a girl and do just about anything involving a guy, tight clothing, or socializing with the male gender, someone somewhere will consider you a thot. So in that case, do your thing girl.

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