12 Signs That You Are An Ultimate Thot

We all know those people who just stick out in our heads as being thots. If you don’t know what a thot is, it stands for “that hoe over there.” We all know at least one, and if you don’t, you probably are one. As Wash and French Montana would say, “A thot is a girl who look for bottles as soon as she come in the club” in the song Can’t Trust Thots. But let’s face it, who doesn’t look for alcohol the second they walk into the bar or club? I mean, if that’s what a thot does, I guess I am one!

12) You hook up with every bouncer in the bar throughout the semesterdelena-makeout-gif11) You’re known as the girl who makes a walk of shame from a new guy’s dorm every Sunday morninggood-morning-slut-gif10) You will dance on just about anything you can when you’re drunk

1333040819_bathroom_dancing_fail9) You get with 3 guys from Tinder in one nighttinder 48) You wear a sports bra and spandex to other places besides the gymtumblr_n58g4ezVbF1sng5igo1_500next red button

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