12 Things That Happen When You Cut Your Hair

When it comes to hair, fall fashion this season is all about the “Lob” or the “long bob.” Although it has the word long in it, it’s still relatively shorter than the majority of the college-aged girl population. Most girls, from observing, tend to feel more comfortable with longer hair.
For those of us who needed a change and took a plunge with a long bob or even shorter, you’re bound to recognize some of these side effects.
12) When you tell people that you want to cut your hair short before you actually do, and their reaction is “But you have such pretty hair! Don’t cut it!”: 
11)When you finally get to the salon and they chop off your locks, and you realize there’s no turning back: 
no turning bac
10)You see your new ‘do and you feel shocked, surprised and amazing. 
9) And you can’t stop touching your hair because you can’t believe there’s so much less of it. touch hair
8) And you feel shocked every time you walk past a mirror because it just doesn’t look like you. 
7) You take a million selfies to show off.

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