12 Times Amy Poehler Described Senioritis (2)

6. The gym.


The gym never seems convenient or worthwhile. A trip to the dining hall sounds much, much more appealing.

5. The impending doom of just about every romantic relationship come May.


It is hard to find someone at this point in a college career. Who knows where we will end up? I certainly do not. We could quite possibly be back in our parents’ houses. It is also quite possible we will not be within five minutes of each other like we are here. So… Girls’ night!

4. Showing up to a Wednesday class after drinking one too many bottles of wine on Tuesday night.


At random times, the sentiment of senior year hits and you feel the need to drink an entire bottle of wine on a Tuesday night with the roomies. The hangovers get more intense as time goes on, so sunglasses may be necessary in those florescent lights.

3. Stopping to think about applying for jobs.


Thinking about updating a resume for a real job is enough to send you into cardiac arrest. However, it is even worse because senioritis makes it damn hard to think that far ahead.

2. Doing literally anything to avoid work.


By anything, I mean anything. I am not a fan of cleaning by any means, but I will do the dishes if it means I do not have to start my forum paper yet.

1. Really, it can just be summed up with this single gif.


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