12 Times Amy Poehler Described Senioritis

I know, I know, it is November. I know I still have another full semester of work ahead of me. I know I need to do well in school and stay on top of things to ensure a job post-graduation.

I know all of those things, yet the thought of staying in my bed all day watching Netflix sounds much more appealing. Senioritis, man, it is a thing, and it is so real. As a senior, attending morning class deserves a gold star, and putting on jeans for said class deserves an automatic A++. Between the attitude changes and wardrobe choices, the obvious lack of motivation becomes more of a lifestyle, consuming every aspect of our lives until we are walking poster children for Senioritis.

Who else could perfectly capture the essence of Senioritis besides comedic queen, Amy Poehler?

12. Mondays.


All Monday, from sun up to sun down, all year.

11. When professors visibly show disappointment in the obvious lack of effort.


A required senior course at 9:30 a.m. that is solely class discussion is our own personal form of Hell. I am sorry I cannot formulate a convincing argument on the food industry because it is too early for me.

10. Successfully BS-ing a paper.


I mean, it only took you an hour to write ten pages.

9. Unsuccessfully BS-ing a paper.


I mean, it only took you an hour to write ten pages.

8. When the procrastination inevitably catches up with you.


Like, yeah, it is there. The workload will continue to pile up, and we will get to it after a glass of wine.

7. Coming to favor one groutfit over another.


“Oh, the logo on this hoodie matches the Under Armor logo on my sweats. How stylish!”


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