12 Tips For College Freshmen From College Seniors (2)

9) Don’t be the freshman who asks a question in class every five minutes.

Please stop doing this. Every teacher has an email, so your “what day is the midterm going to be on?” question on the first day is extremely unnecessary and obnoxious. Read the syllabus on the first day and make sure you add all midterms, deadlines, etc. to your planner.

8) Don’t be the freshman who goes home every weekend.

You’re paying at LEAST $15,000 a year, why the f*** would you go home? You just spent the last 18 years living at home and you’ll be home all summer— give your parents a break. Plus, the weekends are the only good time to make friends with your fellow freshmen. If you only make friends in class, you’re going to finish freshman year with a bunch of study buddies.

7) Don’t be the freshman who constantly cries about their long distance relationship from high school.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to continue that relationship, just stop crying about it to people who not only don’t know anything about you or your significant other, because they also really don’t give a s***.next

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