12 Tips For College Freshmen From College Seniors (4)

3) Don’t be the freshman constantly harassing upperclassmen about where the parties are at.

If we like you, we will tell you. If we don’t tell you, it’s because nothing is going on or we really don’t like you. Either way, stop.

2) Don’t ask upperclassmen for alcohol unless you’re already friends with them.

Seriously, getting alcohol for minors is not only illegal, it’s annoying. If you do somehow get someone to go for you, don’t ask for something ridiculously specific because we’re not going to stand around searching for your rare limited-edition imported liquid raspberry liquor. We will just take your money and never talk to you again.

1) Don’t be the type of freshmen who sleeps with a new person every other night.

We get it, college is great for one night stands. But if you’re sleeping with everyone, you’ll quickly acquire an unwanted label and also most likely some sort of STD— neither of which will make your time in college better.

If you can follow these key tips, you’ll make it through your freshman year without incident and most likely win the respect of your elder classmates. Good luck!

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