13 Signs You Know You’re An Ole Miss Student

Written By: Emily Cegielski

You've probably started a Hotty Toddy in an inappropriate place. Or least been with friends who've started it.

You've never once called our team the black bears.

You know that the weekend starts on Tuesdays with $4 daiquiris at Funkys.

And you know that the Taylor Swift isn’t named after the singer.

You understand what "Grove Attire" means and probably have been to weddings or parties where that's listed as the dress code.

You don't care when people call us TSUN, because you know it just means they are cowbell ringing rednecks.

And our Egg Bowl record speaks for itself…

You don't understand why the Croft kids have to put a "cr" in front of everything… Crom? Really?

Even if you aren't Greek, you've used the term GDI.

Frocket, Fratstar, Fratastic, and Cool Story Bro have also entered your vocabulary.

You hate driving to the Links to pick up friends, because it seems so far away from everything.

You know that Coop De Ville is only okay to eat after midnight while completely shitfaced.

Eating it hungover is also acceptable.

You wouldn't dare consider wearing a t-shirt to a football game.

Even though we live pretty close to New Orleans and super close to Memphis, you've only ever been to either of those places for a Frat and/or Sorority formal (well, and Mardi Gras).

Bonus points for the coolest frat coolers.

You know that the Library isn't on campus.

That doesn’t look like studying.

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