13 Things Only Your Roommate Knows About You

13 Things Only Your Roommate Knows About You
College is the time where you grow comfortable with yourself and embrace your true weirdness. Here are 13 things only your college roommate knows about you.

Like a lot of people, my roommate is my best friend. Going beyond being my best friend, she knows far too much about me that no one else would know unless they’ve lived with me. All of my quirks and weird ways of doing things, my emotional breakdown schedule, and everything else in between she has seen and gone through right along with me. I’ve probably scarred her for life by now with all of my OCD tendencies and strange habits, but she still seems to love me just the same. Here are all of the things that our roommates know about us that no one else would:

Your “guilty pleasure” snacks of choice


Only my roommate knows that I have no problem dipping just about any food I find in my room in Ranch dressing or hummus and that I will eat ungodly amounts of Skinny Pop, probably counteracting the idea of “skinny.”

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