14 Signs That Your Girl Best Friend Likes You

Accord­ing to collegetimes.com, your girl best friend likes you when.….

14. If she is dat­ing another guy she will always say it’s just casual.

13. She always depends on you dur­ing times of trouble.

12. She will do what­ever you want to do.

11. She will makes plans with you that revolve around your plans.

10. When you fight, it is not a nor­mal friend fight, but almost like you are fight­ing with a girlfriend.

9. She makes jokes about being together with you.

8. Her insults turn into compliments.

7. There is no fil­ter to what the two of you talk about.

6. Your girl­friends hate her.

5.  You are “just friends”, but one of you may think differently.

4. When you hang out you sort of go on dates, but not really.

3. She will always asks about the girls you dated or who you are inter­ested in.

2. You are one of the only guys or the only guy she hangs out with.

1. She tries to get some sort of phys­i­cal con­tact when you guys hang out like a nudge, high five, or some­thing along those lines.

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