14 Things That Are Bound To Happen When Best Friends Go Out Together (2)

10. And finding everything that everyone else loses

What Did I Find This Time GIF W

One of you always wakes up the next morning with something new in your possession. Whether its a koozie, a flannel, a towel, or even a pair of sticky boobs, it’s kind like Christmas morning waking up and seeing what you brought home.


Sex and the City Girls Night GIF

Friends that drink together stay together. Enough said.

8. Coming home and ordering food 

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There’s nobody else you’d rather share your pizza with or sit around eating Big Macs with than your partner in crime. Every friend group has their own preferences about whatever bad for you food they choose, but no night out is complete without a mini Thanksgiving at 3 am.

7. Infinite amounts of “I love you”s

Blair & Serena Hug GIF

Although these may be immediately followed by “I hate you”s, there’s no one you love more in the world than your best friend.

6. Giving each other “the look” 

The Look GIF

Every friendship has looks: the look that tells your friend who’s standing five feet away from them, the look that shows how drunk you are, and the look that conveys just how happy you are to be with your best friend. True best friends know all of them and exactly what to do when they come out.



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