15 Thoughts Most Drunk College Girls Have


7. Oh my God I’m not even drunk yet…


 photo tumblr_inline_mzmbfcv3n31ry9eyh_zps9b49b0cb.gif


6. Ew I look gross let’s take that pic again.


 photo tumblr_mhx1dkGZ4j1rv3b62o1_500_zps16b6a718.gif


5. Oooh we look good I’m about to Insta that one!
 photo tumblr_meyva711BO1rzddt2o1_250_zps11bb94a6.gif


4. I have to pee.
 photo tumblr_inline_mygtnxdtuU1r01qr7_zps9353c130.gif


3. One more shot before we go!
 photo tumblr_mm2gs4rGV71rll4d4o1_500_zps0d9c7603.gif


2. This is my jam!!!
 photo tumblr_n95zzz3MFa1rfduvxo1_400_zpsd50256c1.gif


1. I love you so much like seriously you don’t understand.
 photo tumblr_nbsingjvfU1qj2x48o1_500_zps327fd4a2.gif

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