14 Times That Zac Efron Made You Melt (2)

7) Or when he completely owns this winter hat. Just look at him!

Look at how adorable he is in this hat

6) He gets our love for food, and we love him more for it. 

He just gets us

5) It kills us to see him cry. We just want to give him a big hug. 

Our heart breaks when he cries

4) He’s just such a lovable, beautiful goofball. 

What a lovable goofball

3) And if you didn’t think these pictures of him could get any cuter, here he is with a puppy. 


2) And abs. Look at the abs. Appreciate the abs. 

He is a god

1) We just wish that one day, Zac will say these words to us. 

We wish he was saying this to us

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