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15 Reasons Mr. Muffchest Should Be Your Boyfriend

Just like different flavors of ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s, there are all different types of men in this world! Tall men, short men, men who are cleanly shaven, or with beards, and then there are those with chest hair. Yes, chest hair. They are the deep dish Chocolate Fudge Brownie of all men. Totally attractive and tasty. There are many reasons why it is time for you to get a rugged, hairy chested, burly man!

15. It’s too tedious to shave/wax-

Guys shouldn’t be taking as long in the shower to shave their chest as girls do to shave their legs. Also if they leave their hair alone, we won’t have to worry about hiding our razors and wax.


14. They are so cuddly-

What sounds more comfortable? Cuddle with a rock or cuddling with a fleece blanket?

13. Hair is a stand-in pillow-

Instead of getting straight chest bone when you lay on bae’s chest, there is a little cushion.


12. It makes cuddling less sticky-

With long periods of skin to skin contact, like if you’re watching a movie, your cheek and his chest are going to start to sweat. No one will be comfortable with that moisture lingering.


11. It’s fun to play with-

If you don’t have a dog, just use your boyfriend’s chest rug! It can be just as fun running your fingers through his chest hair.


10. It’s easily in arms reach when you want his attention-

I need some chocolate. I NEED SOME CHOCOLATE.


9. It’s clear he is the man-

This is just another way that our bodies are so different from guys. You can be the sexy hairless cat and he is the fuzzy, strong bulldog.


8. V-Necks are his friend-

Just a few hairs peeking out of his shirt when the two of you are out, can keep your mind on who you get to go home with. A little hair can go a long way.


7. You can trim it into cool designs-

Manscaping is a real thing and can be done anywhere. You can have the batman symbol straight on his chest, for a little role-play.


6. Stubble isn’t cute-

Imagine you’re laying in bed and you’re in the mood so you reach over to your man, but he pushes you off because his chest is red and itchy from stubble coming in. Excuse me, what? Just deal with the hair and he’ll always be ready for you to be on him.


5. Science says women like it-

Before you go shaving your man’s chest gents, a study showed that women in England and America like a hairier chest. So put that razor down because those chest curls could be what you’re attracted to.


4. It makes you look older-

Any 11 year old can have a flat and bald chest. We want a man though! The hair on a guy’s chest could be the thing helping them out, in the field, with those baby faces.


3. They are sexy!-

Who doesn’t want to be held by a burly and rugged man?


2. It heightens their masculinity-

We all know the saying “Put some hair on your chest!” This is pretty straightforward that a little pec peach-fuzz makes a guy seem manlier and tougher.

1. Guys have better things to worry about-

Like back hair, because that is a whole different story.


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