15 Stages Of A Perfect Cuddle Session

Cuddling- the most sexual yet nonsexual action anybody can partake in. Kind of a Catch-22, am I right? While snuggling can be between two best friends who are saving space, we all know the best kind of cuddling is the kind that happens between somebody you have the hots for. Here are the stages that lead up to and make up a perfect cuddle session

15.) The Lead Up


Whether it is a hook-up or intelligent dialogue, something has to happen that sparks a flame between you and your cuddle buddy (seriously, there is no term that is less sexual than “cuddle buddy”)

14.) The Approach

Also known as the “inch-worm” stage, where one or both members of the cuddle party slowly but surely get closer to each other.

13.) The Face-To-Face


While you continue your conversation (or other things, wink wink) you have your arms wrapped around each other and your noses practically touching.

12.) The Spoon Size Up

Static Flickr

Where you decide who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon, obviously.

11.) The Face Away


When the little spoon turns away so that they can do their proper duty of being the little spoon.


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