15 Struggles Of Being Indecisive

The struggle to make decisions is real for those whom are indecisive. Making even the tiniest of choices makes your mind boggle in so many different directions. Ugh.

15. Getting your nails done is one of the most painful decisions for a girl

There are just so many colors. So, should I use Maude About You by OPI or Bikini So Teeny by Essie? SEND. HELP. NOW!

14. Buying ice cream creates a dilemma

And, the worker wants to rip their brain out because you are sampling every single flavor.  Maybe I should just get them all?

13. So, you were so happy when self-serve frozen yogurt places became relevant

Now I could get them all! My life is grand.

12. Finding an outfit is so hard

And you probably change it a billion, gazillion times.

11. Which song do I rock out to?

That is what shuffle was created for, right?




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