15 Things Your Professor Says And What He Actually Means

In a big lecture hall, you probably won’t interact directly with your professor very much, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to understand what the hell he or she is saying.  Professors and instructors are complex, intellectual folk, and they don’t always say what they mean.  However, your grade depends on getting to the root of what they’re saying and making sure you know exactly what they expect of you.

Pay attention, and you’ll soon be able to decipher everything your professor says.  Here are some of the common things he might say and what he actually means by them.

15. “I highly encourage you to come to office hours.”

What it means: The administration tells him to say this.  He much prefers to be undisturbed during office hours.

14. “When I did my undergrad…”

What it means: You’re going to hear a very long, pointless story.

13. “Occasionally, I tend to run a few minutes late.”

What it means: You’ll be waiting 15-20 minutes for the professor to show up.  Frequently.


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