15 “Totally College” Experiences You Will Have During Your Freshman Year

The college experience is one that’s depicted all the time in popular media like TV shows and movies.  That’s why, when you, an actual person, finally gets to college, you sometimes feel like the things that happen to you are so “totally college,” because it’s just like everything you saw on the television screen and in the movie theater.  It’s a little surreal at first.  It’s almost like you’re starring in your own film.

College is different for everyone, but some of these “totally college” experiences are universal.  They’ll happen to you at some point.

In the library, in class, on a bench, wherever.  Don’t be ashamed.  Everyone does it.

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Everyone say it with me: awkward!!!

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They warn you about alcohol poisoning during orientation, but everyone disregards the warning…until it happens to them for the first time.

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Never ever again.

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Sorry you’re not sorry.

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