16 Reasons You’re As Basic As They Come

1. You, “lit­er­ally can’t even” …Need I say more?


2. “Is this real life?” No it’s a fake life didn’t any­one tell you.


3. “Like my pic on insta!!” You have and still con­tinue to say this.


4. You’re Star­bucks order goes some­thing along the lines of, “Can I have a pas­sion tea lemon­ade, and don’t for­get the rasp­berry sweetener!”


5. You just insta­grammed you’re favorite #TBT from last sum­mer say­ing, “Can’t wait for summer!”


6. One word: Michael Kors. You received, insta­grammed and bragged about your new Michael Kors watch you got this past Christmas.


7. Let’s take a selfie!!! –The song describes your life per­fectly, I mean who doesn’t love a good selfie?


8. Snapchat– You live, eat and breath Snapchat because why not have 10 sec­ond pic­ture convo’s with peo­ple? And of course your Snapchat story= your life story.


9. Let me guess you own an Alex and Ani bracelet… Or 10


10 You tweets look like this

“Im sooiopoo drunk rn” (spelling mis­takes and all)

Or this

          “11:11 make a wish”

And this

           “I hate you”

11. It’s 2014 and you can still quote Mean Girls like it’s 2004. “You can’t sit with us.”


12.  One of the tough­est deci­sions you make every week­end is, “X-Pro II or Lo-Fi, actu­ally maybe I’ll go with Early­bird, that’s a good filter.”


13. Have you ever taken a pic­ture of your feet in the sand with the ocean in the back­ground, or the “skinny arm” pose, or fake candid’s? If you answered yes to any of these then yes, you my friend are a basic bitch.


14. You wear makeup to the gym… do less please, you’re work­ing out, not going to a party.


15. You drink fruity water, and I don’t just mean fruit fla­vored water. You take time out of your day to slice a lemon and some straw­ber­ries because reg­u­lar water just isn’t as good and because it’s part of your detox… duh.


16. You say “girl” like it’s the person’s name and not a noun… “Hey girl” or “Happy birth­day girl!” or “Ya girl.”

I’m just a sophomore at St. John Fisher College who loves writing and chocolate chip cookies.

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