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16 Signs You’ve Been Single For Way Too Long

16. Your grandparents remind you at every family gathering that they’re not getting any younger.

15. They also try to set you up with their friend’s grandson/granddaughter.

14. You have a profile on Tinder. And JSwipe. And Ok Cupid. Because you’ve realized you’re not getting any younger and it’s hard to meet people IRL and I’d rather just find love at first swipe, okay?

13. And you’ll never tell your parents/grandparents about your (online) dating life because they JUST DON’T GET IT.

12. Your parents keep telling you to “get out more.”

11. Your friends are constantly trying to set you up.

10. And when they invite you out and you spot a cute guy, you make a complete idiot of yourself.

9. You’re very specific when it comes to significant others.

8. Every time you talk with your mother, she asks if you’ve met anyone new.

7. Instead of spending minutes chatting with a potential significant other, you’ve sent a lot of phone calls to the delivery man.

6. Your pet is your cuddle buddy.


5. The closest you’ve come to a long-term relationship is with your Netflix queue.

4. You spend more money on wine instead of drinks being bought for you.

3. When you see someone you know get engaged/married/have a baby and they post it on social media, you have an immediate instinct to text the last person you hooked up with, even though you KNOW it’s not a good idea.

2. Or you fear you’ll end up alone with 10000 cats.

1. You still believe in the fairy-tale happily ever after.

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