17 Aspects of College People Don’t Tell You About

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Going into college we’re told that it’s going to be the best years of our lives and to make the best of it. In fact, no one I talked to about college said anything negative about it. Weird, right? Because just like any part of life, college is not the best all of the time. I’m not saying college isn’t great because it definitely is, but I’ve felt bad about not enjoying college at times since that’s what you’re supposed to do according to everyone else. The reality is, college really shapes you as a person, and with that comes some hard times.

17. Walking into your classes not knowing anyone will be intimidating- In high school even if you weren’t friends with people in your class you still knew the majority of the people and you won’t realize until college how comforting that was


16. Go to random events on campus- No, don’t go to all of them, just something that looks fun/interesting, like a stand up comedian night, or a guest speaker talking about your area of study. It’s free and something different than just watching T.V. 

15. It’s up to you to go to your advisor- And you need to do it. I know it is a pain to go out of your way and you also may not even know who your advisor is until mid-semester, but once you go in and tell them your concerns about majors/minors it is a big relief. You cannot figure everything out yourself, trust me


14. Find a spot on campus that’s just for you- Whether you use it for homework or just breathing, you need somewhere where you can be at peace for mental sanity.


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