17 GIF’s from ‘The Office’ That Perfectly Explain College Life:


1. When your university doesn’t give you the day off for Columbus Day:


2. When you’re not paying attention in lecture and the professor asks a question:


3. Those times where you don’t feel like going out…but have invites to multiple parties:


4. After receiving your term bill:


5. When you get none of the courses you had originally wanted to register for:


6. Taking a required course in a field outside of your major:


7. When the dining hall, bus, basically ANYTHING you have to use is crowded:


8. When someone drunkenly posts all over social media:


9. Recalling/regretting past hookups:


10. Having the drunk munchies:


11. Going out every evening from Thursday-Saturday with your friends:


12. When you feel like doing anything other than going to class:


13. When you and your housemates find an item, and have no idea how it got in your house:


14. When the cops show up at a party:


15. Having the majority of your exams all on the same day:


16. Seeing that one person you dislike from your floor in the hall style bathroom:


17. Waiting for a drink at a frat party:


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