17 Items Incoming Freshmen Need In College That You Wouldn’t Think Of

Izabella Dziecharska and her mother Basia unpack her things in her dorm norm at Williams Village on the University of Colorado Boulder campus on Wednesday. Paul Aiken Staff Photographer August 17, 2016

You’re starting to think of all the things you’ll need to buy/bring for the upcoming year- bed sheets, laptop, most of your clothes/shoes, etc., but there’s so much you need that you may forget some overlooked, yet vital items. Once you’re at college you can always order something online or go to the store, but it’s way easier to just bring it in the first place to save you time and money.

17. A beach towel- Even if you’re at school where it’s cold most of the year, there will still be nice days where you want to lay out in the grass without getting dirty.

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