17 Things That Were Better As A Kid (2)

12. Money

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Back in the day, getting your ten dollar allowance was the highlight of your week.  The world was your oyster, and you could buy as many items from the 99 cent store as your heart desired, so long as your heart desired nine items or less, plus tax.  As an adult, having the funds after bills to buy a burrito is nothing short of a miracle.

11. Friendships

I recall making lists of all my best friends (from best-best, to least-best) as a kid, and having it reach somewhere within the 30-40 range.  At that point, the only thing you really needed to have in common was your teacher, and a deep love of puppies and holographic stickers.  Those were the days.

10. Relationships

love the simpsons homer simpson boyfriend girlfriend

Life was so easy when “going out” was hanging out together on the playground, and occasionally holding hands when the teacher wasn’t looking.

9. Buses

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When I was in elementary school, all I wanted was to be one of the big kids.  I would plead with my mother for hours on end to let me ride the school bus home, but she wouldn’t let me until my first day of middle school.  On my first, long awaited bus ride, the person sitting next to me got in a fight.  In the seat.  While I was a sitting there, also in the seat.  Thus, the long-lived dream of riding school buses promptly died.


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