17 Things That Were Better As A Kid

17. Weekends

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Back in the day, when the bell rang on Friday, you could leave school behind you and run headfirst into the weekend, feeling footloose and fancy-free.  As an adult, the weekend means catching up on all the chores you couldn’t do during the week, like waiting in line for an hour at the post office, doing your laundry, and writing that paper due on Sunday.

16. Sick Days

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Similarly to weekends, when you were a kid, being sick meant staying home from school, curling up in bed, watching cartoons, and eating all the junk food your Mom wouldn’t let you have while she was at home to supervise you.  As an adult, having a sick day means less money and more work for tomorrow, as well as a doctor’s appointment to get a note to ex13cuse your absence.  The worst.

15. Eating Junk Food

eating home alone junk food

For some reason, children are able to eat as much junk food as they can get their hands on, with zero consequences – if it has rainbow sprinkles or cheese dust on it, it’s going to be eaten, and it’s going to be goddamn delicious.  Nowadays, if I even so much as look at a Little Debbie, I feel nauseous and get an overwhelming urge to eat a salad.

14. Birthdays

happy party birthday excited celebration

Oh, happy celebration of your slow, inevitable, and constant march towards death!  Do you want chocolate or vanilla frosting on your cake?

13. Cadbury Cream Eggs

ugh gross disgusted yuck grossed out

Yes, they’re bad enough that I deemed it worthy to make it an entirely separate listing from other junk food.  If you’re over the age of twelve, just trust me and save yourself the disappointment.


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