What I Wish I Could Tell My Ex-Best Friend I Hurt

We’ve all been there. One day you have a best friend, the next… not so much. Whether it was the outcome of a scandal or a mutual breakup, it’s never easy going from being inseparable to looking the other way when you pass each other on campus.

I, unfortunately, had a falling out with my ex-best friend due to a string of horrible things I did. We don’t talk anymore, at all, except for the occasional “do you have my shirt?” text or an awkward “hi” when we’re forced to be in a group setting together. But even though we’re no longer friends, there are a few things I wish she knew.

So, Ex-Best Friend, this one’s for you.


17. I don’t hate you.


16. I’m sorry I made you responsible for a lot of my secrets, and I also promise to keep all yours safe.


15. I genuinely hope you’re happy.


14. It’s probably more awkward for me than it is for you.



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