How Girls REALLY FEEL When They’re Sitting On Tinder

We’ve all tried this once or twice, some of us are more vocal about it than others-yes we’re talking about Tinder. If you’re a college student you probably have tried this hot new dating app, that allows you to meet others in your area. It’s as simple as swipe left for “no” and swipe right for “yes”, from there leads to awkward conversations that typically die out in minutes or can lead to a night of fun.

If you’re a college girl on Tinder, you definitely have had these 17 thoughts.

17. I’m lonely, maybe I should try this out.

It’s a boring Friday night and your roommates are all out and you want attention from a gentleman. Tinder is full of thirsty boys ready to swoon over you, so you download the app, full of hope.

16. What’s the harm right?

I’m sure I could find SOMEONE on here.

15. *Insert friends name here* met her long term boyfriend on Tinder.

See it works for some people.

14. If you consider long term, two months.

Well it’s something.


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