17 Thoughts of the Party Wallflower

Some people find parties to be exhilarating, filled with excitement, friends, and loud music.  Others, like myself, are secretly eighty years old on the inside and would like nothing more than to sip a cup of tea and pet cats every Friday for the rest of my life.   However, sometimes, these others are placed or put themselves in less than desirable social situations, and end up being the party wallflower, watching, and only judging a little.

17. “I could party… or I could watch Friends again on Netflix.”

night gif party gif wild gif

16. “It’s Friday, I think my laptop is concerned for my wellbeing – I should go out.”

party lol gif awkward gif party gif

15. “What do the kids wear at parties nowadays?  Are jeans still a thing?”

party excited 100 steve carell excited gif

14. “This many people in one room is definitely a fire hazard.”


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