20 Alternate Ways to Show Someone You Appreciate Them

It’s easy to get caught up in life and forget to tell the loved ones in our life just how much we appreciate them. We make up excuses and tell ourselves that we’ll do it later, but you never know if “later” is going to be too late. But sometimes it’s also just hard for us to convey how much someone means to us. It’s not always easy for people to say “I love you” or “I appreciate you”, so here are 20 other ways to do just that.

20. Spend time with them. This is probably the most obvious out of them all, but as college students with busy schedules it can be hard to coordinate time to spend together. Even if it’s just grabbing a quick coffee between classes or tagging along to buy groceries, just make sure you spend time with them.


19. Tag/send an article that reminds you of them. Sending someone an article or anything else that reminds you of them is a quick and easy way of letting them know that they’re on your mind. And it could be about anything like their favorite book being turned into a movie or something you know they’ll find funny.


18. Write them a letter. A handwritten letter will let them know that they mean more to you than 140 characters and took the time out of your day to let them know that. Not only that, but handwritten letters aren’t common anymore so they’ll appreciate the gesture and be surprised when they actually get mail that isn’t an e-mail.


17. Leave them a surprise gift. It doesn’t always have to be a holiday or special occasion for you to buy something for someone. Even if it’s just a cute top from Target you saw them eyeing, it’s the thought that counts because it shows that you pay attention.


16. Make something for them. Knit a scarf. Make dinner at your place. Make a friendship bracelet. Decorate a picture frame. Instead of buying them something, just take a little time to make something yourself.



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