20 Best College Bars in the Country

Well this was a fun list to make! In college, it’d be a lie if I told you going out to the bars was NOT a huge part of your four years. Whether you are a raging alcoholic, or the student studying at the library on a saturday night, drinking is popular in college.

So which colleges overall have THE best bars in the country? This is a tough question. So how could we ACTUALLY determine which bars are best?

Simple Equation: Girls + Cheap Drinks + Fun Time = Win for the typical college bro.

Using this methodology, we came to our conclusions, and here’s our list of the Top 20 Best College Bars!

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20. Salty Dog Saloon – University of Florida 

19. The Sink – CU Boulder

18. Cambridge Queen’s Head Pub – Harvard University

17. He’s Not Here – University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

16. Coupe Deville’s – University of Virginia

15. Cornerstone Grill & Loft – University of Maryland – College Park

14. Ugly Tuna Saloona – Ohio State University

13. Dain’s Place – Duke University

12.  Taylor’s Bar & Grill – University of Oregon

11. Kite’s Grille & Bar – Kansas State

10. Smokey Joe’s – University of Pennsylvania

9. The Tombs – Georgetown University

8. Houndstooth Sports Bar – University of Alabama

7. The Neon Cactus – Purdue University 

6. Kollege Klub – University of Wisconsin

5. 901 Bar & Grill – University of Southern California

4. Phyrst – Penn State University

3. Top of the Stairs – Virginia Tech

2. Brother’s Bar & Grill – University of Iowa

AND…. the # 1 spot goes to…….

1. Kilroy’s – Indiana University

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The Neon Cactus? LOL

I met my husband there!

The neon cactus isn’t even the best bar at Purdue

I miss The Boiler Room at Purdue…Much better than the Cactus.

Harrys > the Cactus

Not really, Harrys is really boring and there is nothing to do. The Cactus is way better.

Obviously this guy didn’t want to spend more time than he had to at Purdue, so he just put down the first bar he saw

Legends at the University of Illinois!

The Bluebird- IU Bloomington

On a Wednesday

I loved the Bluebird. One of my favorites. Live music and 10 cent drafts all night long!!!

I went to Indiana. I literally ran Kilroys Sports for a while. I had so much fun I forgot to graduate!!!

Ugly Tuna is not even the 5th best bar at Ohio State

Really? The tombs at Georgetown? That’s not even around anymore… Did you actually go to any of these places before you wrote this?

I know as an adult, I shouldn’t yell “fuck yes!” After seeing my home bar as #1.. but it definitely happened. BTOWN4LIFE?

Must have been a compilation where it was easiest to get laid. Neither Kilroys nor the Cactus make sense unless you’re excited about how easy it is to slip roofies into a woman’s drink. If you think that’s a bad thing, then realize these bars are TERRIBLE!

Kilroys is not the best college bar in the country. So fucking stupid.

Obviously there’s no actual statistics on this topic… Just opinions. It’s gonna be okay man.

Brickstreet Bar-Miami University

I lived in College Park, MD for almost a year. Failing social scene – the TWO bars that are on campus closely resemble a frat basement. Purdue’s Neon Cactus is always a good time on Thursday nights. Harry’s on Saturday. Boiler Up.


The Piano Bar at the Cactus was always fun.

TA Tom’s… oh, wait…

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