20 Excuses We All Use For Being Single

The saying has always been “Single and ready to mingle!”. Why can’t we change it to single and happy? No matter what the reason is for being single, your Great Great Aunt Becky will always plead for you to get in a relationship and start having children soon. The truth is you’re happy with a take-away pizza and a night in watching Netflix. There are a lot of reasons you can tell yourself (and others) for why you’re single, but it really comes down to whatever status makes you happy.


20. I don’t want a boyfriend/girlfriend.


19. I am too young to be tied down!


18. I don’t like commitment.


17. I hate texting people back.


16. I want to save my money, I can barely afford myself!


15. I won’t have time to hang out with them anyways.



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