20 Reasons You Can’t Live Without Your iPhone

The iPhone is a mystical device that is capable of taking over the human mind. You don’t fully understand its power until you are released from it and you become desperate to find your “precious” again. If you are reading this on your iPhone, I have proven my point. Here are a few more reasons why you cannot live without the precious iPhone:

20. Instagram. You’re obsessed, admit it.


19. Weather alerts. Who needs to watch The Weather Channel?


18. It allows you to monitor your…everything. From bank accounts to news. How do we even accumulate any other bills?


17. It allows you to stalk your favorite celebs without getting arrested. No one needs the drama.


16. It secretly controls your mind. Ex: No one loves Candy Crush that much!


15. Music. You can’t be sane without it. Thank you, iTunes.


14. It keeps you organized. So many things to do, so little time.


13. It makes you feel important. Every call, every text and any FaceTime moments makes you feel loved.


12. It gives you the confidence that you never had. Texting is great, isn’t it?


11. It tells you the best gifts to get your spouse. Be thankful because you know that you had NO idea of what to buy.


10. It reminds you when it’s time to wake up. Saved by the iPhone.


9. It helps you with your homework. Quick, what’s 8,568 + 1,002?!?


8. It shows you what you want to see. You can have the world at your fingertips.


7. You can console in Siri. Siri will always be there for you.


6. It tells you where the nearest CVS is. Get those Extracare Bucks!


5. It can tell you what stores have the best sales. Saving money is totally hot.


4. It can help you find your keys. That moment when your device finds your keys before you do.


3. It can locate your other devices. It also knows where you are.


2. Without it, you wouldn’t know the time or year. Does anyone still own a calendar or an alarm clock?


1. You need it to communicate. Your parents need to hear from you. How else will they know you’re alive?


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