20 Reasons Why There Is More To Liking Someone Than Looks Alone

I’m honestly not quite sure why people sometimes think that you may be dating a person, for looks alone. I’ve never been in a relationship with someone just because they look good, and have never chose to date someone based on how they look. I’m not materialistic like that, and I’m not sure why you would ever want to be the person that is so materialistic, you can’t even date anyone without them looking good. I know plenty of drop dead gorgeous girls that are dating chubbier guys, or not so good looking guys, and also vice versa. So here they are. 20 reasons why there is more to liking someone to looks alone.


20.) They have money.

OK, so yes, I know this reason is also very materialistic, but some girl/guy(s) that do date ugly girl/guy(s) is because they have money. Which is honestly, even worse than dating a guy for looks. Have some class people.

19.) Liking someone gives you confidence. 

Sometimes you don’t feel beautiful or sexy. Being in a relationship allows someone to compliment you and make you feel good about yourself.

18.) You meet new friends!

Your Significant others friend usually becomes your friends too. You’ll be able to talk to them just like you could talk to your own friends if you really needed to, and always enjoy hanging out with them.

17.) They understand you can be a little crazy sometimes. 

Sometimes you’re having a bad day, or just feeling a little insecure, which may cause you to be a little jealous. If you’re having a bad day and irritable, they’ll understand and help your day become better.

16.) You have similar interests. 

You enjoy binge watching Netflix series and eating junk food with large slushies. Keep in mind without them, you wouldn’t have Netflix.


15.) They love dogs just as much as you.

Dogs are very important (ok, to me at least). They’re cute, loyal, friendly, and they’re a part of who you are. A Man/Woman who loves a dog is always cute, loyal (most of the time), friendly and a part of who you are.

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