20 Reasons To Take A Trip With Your Bros

20 Reasons To Take A Trip With Your Bros
By Adam Schmuter

Finally, it’s the long weekend that you and your bros have been waiting for.  No work, no school, no obligations, or commitments… just bro time.  Taking a trip of this sort will make your weekend worthwhile and here’s why:

1)   No drama (family, relationships, and work are out of the picture!)

2)   Collective funding for drinks, food, and travel

3)   Cleanliness is never priority!

4)   Strip. Club.

5)   Fireworks

6)   Go carting

7)   Camping

8)   Wander around aimlessly

9)   Dress however you want

10) Swear more often

11) Smoke cigars

12) Wake up late

13) Spontaneous road stops and planning

14) Appreciate your girlfriends more

15)  Beer batter hotdogs and grill steak

16)  Record videos and delete them in the morning

17) Drunk text your ex

18) Be more obnoxious than usual

19)  What happens with bros stays with bros

20) Laugh till it hurts

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