20 Reasons Tyrion From “Game Of Thrones” Would Be The Biggest Frat Bro

Tyrion Lannister, also known as Everyone’s Favorite Character on HBO’s Game of Thrones has proven time and time again that he’s pretty much the coolest dude in all of the Seven Kingdoms.  His wit can’t be matched, he’s good with the ladies, and he doesn’t put up with crap from anyone, including his kingly nephew.

If you too are counting down this last month or so until Season 5 of Game of Thrones makes its debut, take a couple of minutes to think about this.  If Tyrion Lannister was a college student today, you know he’d be the most awesome fraternity bro who ever enrolled at Game of Thrones University.  For all these reasons and more.

20. No one in the world can match him in drinking.

19. He can make a girl’s knees go weak with a simple smile and nod.

18. He takes absolutely no crap, especially from massive jerks like Joffrey.

17. He’s got his priorities in order: he’s all about this life.

16. Day or night, he’s always ready to get that fine tail.


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