20 Signs You Are Doing Fall Right

Fall is the best season for so many reasons. The most beloved fall activities may be completely basic or unexplainably odd, but they are what makes fall, fall. Here are 20 fall things you should be participating in so that you can have the best fall experience.

1. Pumpkin flavored everything. If it comes in pumpkin, you must try it no matter what

2. Admiring foliage. This is much easier to do if you live in New England but you can also take a road trip to see the fall leaves.

3. Apple picking. Again this is easy for New Englanders.

4. Participate in sweater weather as often as possible.

5. Find a corn maze to go to and get lost as fuck with your friends.

6. Drink hot apple cider on a cold or rainy morning.

7. Embrace breaking out the boots to replace the sandals.

8. Start planning for halloween and don’t stop until November.

9. Decorate with pumpkins and scary spider decorations.

10. Play in the leaves. You are never to old to do this.

11. Have or go to a bonfire. Preferably one with s’mores. Also you probably don’t want to do this on campus.

12. Go on a hayride.

13. Pull scary halloween pranks on your friends like putting fake bugs in their bed.

14. Start preparing to bulk up on halloween candy and thanksgiving dinner.

15. Go to a haunted house and get scared half to death.

16. Do a fall selfie photo shoot with your friends. (Beyond basic, I know)

17. Watch a lot of football. Go to a local game or a college game.

18. Along with football, get ready for baseball playoffs and for hockey and basketball to be starting up. Best season for sports fans!

19. Binge watch halloween specials on TV.

20. Carve pumpkins.

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