The 20 Stages Of Being A Lazy College Student

The truth is, even though college generally requires more effort than high school, once students get used to the routine and the workload, they often find themselves getting a little lazy.  The whole point of college is that you’ve got to learn how to stay on top of your own progress.  Some people excel at that, and others, not so much.  The vast majority of college students manage to find a fairly satisfying balance between the two, where they pass their classes while still retaining the title of “lazy college student.”

Laziness presents itself in different ways on different people, though.  Sometimes your own particular brand changes over time, and sometimes you can exhibit several of these lazy stages at once.  When you think of a lazy college student, it could mean any of these things.

One of the most common stages.  It begins when you realize there’s no possible way you could ever get through all the reading for every class, so you decide to just skim the reading instead.  Flicking breezily through the pages and scanning chapter headings is just as good, right?

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Instructors all over the world use lots of the same textbooks and materials.  That’s why, if you Google the exact question on your homework, you’ll often get the exact answer you need.  You didn’t hear it from me, though.

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You’re so tired, why not let yourself doze off?  Okay, just this once…

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Once this stage starts, it’s a slippery slope down the rabbit hole of self-sabatoge.  It’s hard to come back once you’ve missed too many classes, so be careful.

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It happens to everyone at least once.  For some people, it happens a lot more than that.  However, if you stay in this particular stage too long, people might think you’re homeless and make you leave.

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