20 Struggles Only A Suny Polytechnic Institute Student Would Understand

Okay Wildcat fam, you’ve been waiting for it! So we know the name change and all the new features coming to campus are a little overwhelming at times, but let’s take a moment to reflect on the other struggles us students at Suny Poly/IT students go through on a daily basis. Not only is our campus filled with tech geeks, slow wifi, poor ratios, poor quality food, and construction; we often go through much more..

20. The campus is big, but we don’t have a lot of students.

19. The name change, it’s still Suny IT!!
(you basically every time someone says Suny Poly)

18. The walk from Mohawk down to campus in the winter/rain.17

17. The walk from Mohawk down to campus in general.

16. The incredibly slow wifi.



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