20 things that happen on spring break in PCB, that don’t stay in PCB.

We’re down to little over a week until some of us are packing our luggage into a car full of friends. To take on a 12+ hour drive (depending on where you come from.) To head to one of the craziest spring break destinations, Panama City Beach, Florida. You’re about to enter a full blow week of craziness. You’re prepared, no one back home is gonna see how ridiculous i’ll be, right? Wrong. Almost everything follows you back from a trip like this, we aren’t in Vegas. What happens in PCB, leaves PCB with you.


20.) The notification you get from twitter. The next morning, still pretty drunk. It reads that a twitter account has mentioned you and is thanking you for your submission. The tweet is followed by pictures of you flashing your tits. It already has a ton of RT and Favorties, by people you know.

19.) The very, very drunken phone calls to your parents, during your trip. They are know brought up as a conversation at family gatherings for a laugh or two.

18.) The text message you receive from a random guy. The message includes a picture of you and your friends motorboating each other. Followed by “Just found this! LMAO! I sent it to my buddies, they think you’re a good time!” You have no memory of this.

17.) The guys that are supposed to be just a hookup, but then wanna fall in love and get married and switch schools for you. Okay, no.

16.) The extreme sore throat you have from drinking too much. This causes you’re throat to swell shut, you can’t eat or drink anything. It looks nasty too.

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