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20 Things Your Roommate Says And What They Actually Mean

Minka Kelly (left) and Leighton Meester star in Screen Gems' thriller THE ROOMMATE.

Living with someone who’s not a family member or a significant other makes for a special kind of relationship.  When you live with someone, you get to know them pretty intimately, whether that ends up being a good thing or not.  Sometimes, friends who become roommates find that their friendship quickly comes to an end.  Other times, randomly assigned roomies end up being lifelong buddies.  What it all boils down to is this: communication.  In order to live together harmoniously, roommates need to be able to communicate.

Sometimes that’s easier said than done.  For whatever reason, sometimes people just don’t say what they mean and that can cause major problems.  Listen carefully to what your roommate says and try to divine what he or she actually means.  You future living situation may depend on it.

20. “I love living with you.”

What it means: “Thanks for buying all the alcohol.”

19. “Is it okay if my buddy crashes for a few days?”

What it means: “We’re getting a new roommate.”

18. “What time do you have work today?”

What it means: “I really want some alone time but I have to wait until you leave.”

17. “I think Lauren and I are going to study here tonight.”

What it means: “Please get the hell out of here because Lauren is coming over, but we’re not going to study.”

16. “I can’t find any clean plates.”

What it means: “Do your freaking dishes.”


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