20 Things You Think To Yourself While Walking To Class

A pair of earbuds can help the time pass more quickly during your daily walk to class, but even so, it’s a pretty mindless part of the day that allows your thoughts ample time to wander.  One minute you’re trying to remember if you did last night’s reading, and the next moment you’re daydreaming about that episode of Breaking Bad where Walt throws the pizza on the roof of his house.

Most of the thoughts you have during this time of day are totally random, but some make more sense than others.  Here’s a brief sample of what your average inner monologue looks like while you’re walking to class.

20. “I should have worn a hoodie so I can sleep in class today.”

19. “Captain America could totally beat Batman in a fight.”

18. “I bet everyone in The Walking Dead” is in purgatory, like that show Lost.”

17. “That girl is looking at me.  Do I know her?”

16. “How many hours until I can eat lunch?”

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