20 Thoughts College Girls Have On The Treadmill

1. Alright! Let’s DO this, I’m pumped to get fit!

2. I’m gonna lose like twenty pounds today.

3. Wow there’s a lot of people in here…attractive people…and I sweat…a lot.

4. Oh well, I’m at the gym, I’m supposed to sweat.

5. Wow…she does not sweat…whatever she’s probably not even running that hard.

6. I probably should’ve brought a sweat towel.

7. Okay, don’t check the distance, don’t check the distance.

8. I can check how far I’ve run after like four songs.

9.  Oops I peeked…wow I’ve only ran THAT much…but I’m dying.

10. Maybe I should take like a quick cool down break.

11. No, no stop it, push yourself, no-sweat girl is still going so you can too.

12. So my legs are giving out…this probably isn’t a good thing.

13. Alright, almost there, I can so do this!

14. Maybe I’ll run like an extra mile!

15. LOL, nope that’s not gonna happen.

16. Alright like .5 to go, I go this.

17. I’m gonna turn up the speed so this goes by faster.

18. Holy crap that’s fast…oh well, go hard or go home right?

19. FINALLY…..done.

20. What should I go get to eat, I need a reward.

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