20 Thoughts High School Seniors Have While Waiting To Start College

Being a high school senior is a very exciting time for a young person.  They’re sending out graduation announcements, attending parties, and receiving gifts in the mail.  The best part is what’s coming later, though.  Waiting for them at the end of it all, like some great, mythical albatross is the day they move into their college dorm.  It’s what every college-bound high school senior has been dreaming of for years.  The freedom it will bring, and the new excitement.

For many seniors, college is the only thing they can think of.  And their thoughts look a little something like this.

20. I wonder who my roommate is going to be.


19. Maybe my roommate and I can start a two-man band.


18. What’s the girl-to-guy ratio on campus?


17. What if people can tell I’m a virgin just by looking at me?


16. Do co-ed dorms mean the guys and girls share bathrooms?



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