20 Types Of Guys You See On A College Campus (2)

14. The student athlete who’s just in it for the swag.

He looks almost the same as the brand of student athlete mentioned above, but you can see the slight difference if you carefully note the smug expression of self-satisfaction.

13. The rugby player.

He looks like a buff athlete but behaves like everyone’s drunken uncle.  You can always tell who they are, though, because hardly anyone knows what rugby is, and thus he sticks out like a sore thumb.

12. The “dude, bro” guy.

He starts every sentence with the word “dude” or “bro,” and is often wearing a sweatshirt that looks like this.

11. The one who only talks about getting wasted.

Everyday, he’s telling a loud story about how drunk he got last night.  You wonder how he even manages to find his way to class, since it seems like he must be at least buzzed 24/7.

10. The one who doesn’t go anywhere without his frat brothers.

They all enrolled in the same classes at the same time because they can’t bear to be without each other.


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