20 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your First Semester Of College 2

15. Partying

Hey, it’s one of the social aspects of college that’s hard to come by once you graduate. Obviously you shouldn’t do anything excessive, but it helps to get comfortable with this type of Friday night activity from the start. It’s going to happen sooner or later.

14. Calling Home

Hey, your parents are worried about you. If you want to keep them off your back, a few phone calls home during the week will save you a lot of frustration later on when they’re frantically texting you to make sure you’re still alive.

13. Building Friendships

One of the benefits of college is the fact that there are so many people on campus, you can keep making new friends well into your senior year. That said, it helps to have a core group of people to remain in touch with throughout your student years. Once you’ve made a few friends on campus, try to keep those friendships going. Don’t spend the entire time trying to meet a new group of people every night.

12. Figure Out Your RA

Technically, all RA’s are bound by the same rules and restrictions. However, anyone who has ever been to college knows that they all have different styles of enforcing the law. Some will be strict to an almost paranoid degree, knocking on your door anytime they hear a sound that somewhat resembles the noise of a glass beer bottle. Others will only pay you a visit if someone else complains first. Either way, in order to enjoy your dorm experience, it helps to spend some time figuring out your RA’s particular style before you push their limits.

11. Figuring Out Your Roommate

Like it or not, you do have to share a small space with someone else once you make the move to college. Getting to know that person’s quirks and habits is going to be very important if you plan on not murdering one another.


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